Solar Feed-In Tariffs of State

State & Territory Governments in Australia have taken distinctive approaches towards implementing Solar Feed-in-tariffs which also known as solar buy-back scheme or Solar Bonus Scheme. Solar feed-in tariffs are the payments provided to you in exchange of the clean energy that your solar panels supply back to the grid of your respective electricity provider.

In the past few years, many changes have been done in these feed-in-tariffs across all states and Territories. As it is known that the premium tariffs are not available now, hence, homeowners can get benefits from the reduced prices of Solar PV systems.

To get rid of the ever increasing electricity usage cost, everyone is now thinking of investing in Solar PV systems because this allows home owners to have control on their electricity bills. In Australia, all the Solar Feed-in tariff schemes available currently are ‘net’ schemes. In a net Feed-in tariff, you get rewarded for every unit of solar energy that you deliver back to the grid.

State Current scheme(s) Max Size
A mandatory of minimum of 5c/kWh is in place until 30 June 2017, at which point it will be increased to 11.3c/kWh
Less than 100kW
No mandatory minimum; rates based on retailer competition
First 45kWh per day
ACT No mandatory feed-in tariff minimum contribution from retailer n/a
TAS Rate set by local utility, Aurora Energy 10kW (single phase), 30kW (three phase)
NT Solar Buyback scheme through PowerWater Systems up to 4.5kW can be connected without inspection, buyback for systems over 30kVA will be calculated upon application
2 Solar Buyback Schemes in place
Residential: Up to 5kW on Synergy grid (Southwestern region)

Commercial: No size limit (Southwestern Region)

Residential: Size limit varies by location on Horizon grid (Northwestern region)

No minimum feed-in tariff rate for residential customers in southeastern Qld (rates depend on retailer competition)
Mandatory minimum of ~6-8¢/kWh for regional Qld customers (determined annually)
No mandatory feed-in tariff rate; electricity retailers set rates on voluntary basis
Depends on retailer
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