Need of Solar Power in Business

As a business person, if you possess an ABN then your premises will qualify to use commercial solar. Using solar power will reduce your electricity usage costs irrespective of the type of industry you are doing business in. Along with that, it will enhance the green credentials of your business, and as a result, your building will attract more potential buyers or tenants.

Your Business Will Get Ever-Lasting Benefits

Using the solar power in business will result in providing you with cost effective electric usage and also will save a lot of bucks for your business. Our company will provide you with the best possible solar power system considering all your business requirements, and we assure you that the quality of our product will be top notch along with sufficient warranties.

Get Benefited From Govt. Renewable Energy Incentives

You can get financial incentives through Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and also get revenue through Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) which will result in lower installation costs of your solar system. You might get tax incentives also.

Show That You Are Committed Towards Environment

If customers get to know that you are using solar energy, then they will surely get impressed by your dedication towards the environment.

Working Procedure of Solar Power
  1. The sun’s energy is sufficiently available to all business, and in overcast conditions also, solar power is generated but with decreased output.
  2. Solar panels fixed on roof top collect solar energy through photovoltaic cells and then it is converted to DC power.
  3. The inverter is joined to the solar panels through a cable, and it converts the DC electricity into AC electricity for business usage.
  4. A utility meter measures both the power used at your business office and also the power delivered back to your grid. The extra power can be sold back to the grid through feed-in-tariff.
Why Variety Solar?

Variety Solar’s expert team provides:

  • Solar system solutions supported by one of the best energy companies in Australia- we know the connection between energy and business.
  • A well-planned system satisfying all your energy needs.
  • Top Quality products with comprehensive warranties.
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